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Fillings services offered in Kissimmee, FL

Fillings cover up holes in your teeth after your dentist removes areas of tooth decay. At Hallmark Dental in Kissimmee, Florida, Michael Godoy, DMD, Rodolfo A. Olmos, DDS, and the team use composite fillings when treating cavities so the treatment blends in with your natural teeth. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today for painless, affordable, and friendly dental care.

Fillings Q&A

What are fillings?

Fillings are a dental restoration treatment for tooth decay. After your dentist at Hallmark Dental removes the decayed portion of your tooth, they fill it in with a special dental material, restoring your tooth’s structure and strength.

The team at Hallmark Dental uses composite fillings. These fillings are made from durable plastic that looks like your natural teeth and firmly bonds with the tooth. 

These fillings work well with sealants, a special coating your dentist paints on the top portion of your molars, protecting them from decay.

Who needs fillings?

Anyone with tooth decay, also called a cavity, needs fillings. Tooth decay means you have damage to your teeth. This damage occurs when the bacteria in your mouth make acids that wear away your tooth enamel, creating small holes in your tooth. 

When left untreated, the bacteria may lead to a deeper infection that affects the root of your tooth, which may require a root canal or extraction. 

Your dentist at Hallmark Dental does a thorough exam and takes X-rays during your dental visit to look for cavities. 

What happens when getting fillings?

The team at Hallmark Dental works hard to make sure you feel comfortable during every dental treatment. They explain what you can expect when getting fillings to reduce your anxiety.

First, they numb the area around the tooth needing the filling with a local anesthetic. This reduces pain when your dentist removes the decayed part of your tooth. Your dentist removes the decay using a special drill and shapes the area for the filling.

They etch the hole in your tooth and fill it with the composite filling. They use a special curing light to harden the filling and polish it. 

What happens after fillings?

You may have some tooth sensitivity after getting a filling at Hallmark Dental. You may notice more sensitivity when eating certain types of foods like sweets. But any pain or discomfort should go away within two weeks.

Because Hallmark Dental uses composite fillings, no one will notice your dental treatment.

The team at Hallmark Dental schedules routine dental cleanings and exams to monitor your teeth and provide additional treatments as needed.

For dental care with heart, call Hallmark Dental or schedule an appointment online today.